Many businesses use considerably more packaging than is necessary and can greatly reduce their costs by using custom made boxes. By utilising a box that fits their product perfectly they reduce the amount of material needed to make the box initially and can also reduce or eliminate the need for secondary packaging used to pad out a larger box. Reduced packaging can have other benefits including lower transport costs and happier customers who do not have to deal with excessive packaging waste.


Can you reuse your boxes ? While it may not always be practicable or preferable to reuse your point of sale carton board boxes, reusing your outer corrugated boxes can make sound financial and ecological sense. Most companies and retailers are happy to accept a reused box once it’s clean and retains the required strength to perform properly. If this is an option for you, consider having the box made in a stronger material so that one can reuse the box many times. .


Cardboard is 100% recyclable, in fact used cardboard and especially used corrugated is so easy to recycle and re-introduce into the paper chain that it has a monetary value. You should find that if you have enough and keep the cardboard separate from other waste, that your waste collector will offer to buy it from you or credit it against your general waste collection. If you have small to medium amounts of cardboard for recycling, all local authority bring centres will accept it free of charge. Cardboard when shredded or ripped up can be home composted and it makes a great soil conditioner or used intact, it makes an excellent mulch.